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Discover and listen every day to the latest news articles from The New York Times, Medium, BBC, The Guardian, CNN and TechCrunch.

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2. Manually paste a link

Paste a URL and the content will automatically be added as an audio story to your queue.

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My Queue is accessible on your smartphone and laptop. In the browser as well as with the app. You will have the same queue everywhere and can play from any device.
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Once you’ve created your queue, listen to it while commuting, walking the dog or working out.
Reduce your screentime
The average screen time spent by users aged 16 to 64 across media platforms and different devices is 6 hours 37 minutes per day.

Reduce your screen time by listening to articles instead of staring at your screen.
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Listen to audio stories in 48 different languages
If you add a Spanish article, it will automatically detect that language and turn your article into a Spanish audio story.

We support 48 different languages.
Prefer reading and listening simultaneously?
In addition to listen to an audio story, you can also read it at the same time.
Player controls to optimise your listening experience
Open the controls and choose from different voice speeds or jump back and forward 15 seconds.
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